Hebias Case: Interactive experiences in 3D to showcase your expertise

May 2, 2024

What do you do when your business has a lot to offer in a very complex domain? Your elevator pitch might be on point, but it'll only be able to slightly touch the tip of the iceberg. Opting for an interactive tool is a very powerful way to get your craft accros to potential customers. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the interactive version is worth exponentially more. his is the conclusion our client, Hebias, reached when they came to us. In general, they provide full scope consultancy support towards innovating healthcare companies to obtain market access for their innovations in the BENELUX.

What is Market Access?

According to Wikipedia "market access refers to a company's ability to enter a foreign market by selling its goods and services." There are many barriers to entry going from legal, economical, political to market adoption. Having a trusted guide that can negotiate, evaluate, prepare and facilitate the go-to-market in all these domain is a must. This is where Hebias comes into play with great success since 2018.

Showcasing expertise domains interactively

Health is broad, very broad. In order to give a structured, yet engaging and exhaustive mapping of Hebias' expertise, we decided to create an interactive 3D map of the human body. As a user you can zoom in on each "domain" to see a subset of the  medicines/solutions of which many healthcare companies have relied on the support of Hebias.

Interactive web apps come with benefits

The tool was built to be evolutive, we can add labels, navigation elements and even new organs (as long as the model is available) allowing for a long time companion to guide your potential future clients through the different proof points.

In addition to being evolutionary, it is fully web-ready. As long as you have a browser and an internet connection, you are good to go. There is even an offline version for trade fairs where the internet would be an issue.

We invite you to have a look here!

What about you?

Is this case inspiring? Would you like to brainstorm the possibilities opened by this tool? Let's have a coffee!

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